Live in Reykjavik, Iceland – December 2014

We will be wrapping up live action with 2 final shows in December in Iceland !!           4th Des HACKER FARM +KRAKKKBOT + TROUBLE @Mengi 9pm – 2000kr 6th Des HACKER FARM + AMFJ +ULTRAORTHODOX + HARRY KNUCKLES @Paloma 9pm – 1000kr On the 4th and 6th December, FALK invite highly … Continue reading

1st CD Poundland – a few copies still available.

          We have unearthed a few copies of our first CD – which you can order direct from us …  here.    Hand-built / home-burnt / posted direct to you x  

Floppy Disk Box Set / QUBE still available.

          Found in the corner of our workshop – a few remaining copies of these two early HF releases … Available direct from us – QUBE Floppy Disk Box Set  Unless we find another dingy corner with long-forgotten merch – once they are gone that be it !!