“Poundland” is a CD collection of processed Pre-Industrial Music, Milking-Parlour Ambient, Junk-Shop Drone, Farm Punk Concrète and Rural Gabba. Mostly improvised live-to-disk, plus a couple studio-built pieces.


Available direct from us – for 10 quid (including postage) – whilst stocks last (or we roll out a few more) ..

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Copies of Poundland are also available through the ever-wonderful Norman Records. Norman are a venerable and trusted vendor of underground musical goodies – we luv ’em! – so please give them your support and custom.


((Poundland uses salvaged CD jewel-cases. This is part of our aesthetic rather than laziness or a laissez-faire attitude towards our work; we try to re-use found materials wherever possible – even the jiffy-bags used to mail stuff out are recycled, rescued from bins, etc. We try not to send out CD cases that are cracked or badly scuffed (though occasionally one might slip past the quality-control department), since people have a certain level of expectation about the quality of objects that they purchase and we try not to step too far over the line or take the mickey in that respect.

So, we thought we would try and briefly explain the relationship between our ethos, the production-process used to package Poundland and the pseudo-2nd-hand ‘look’ of this album, as they all kinda fold into one another. The aestetics are a deliberate thing, rather than accidental ‘shoddiness’. Still, we do have plenty of jewel-cases laying around that are cracked, scratched, badly scuffed or have remnants of price-label glue on them, so if’n when we start selling Poundland again in the future…if you would prefer a 2nd-hand CD-case that exhibits a, uh, higher level of ‘predefined distress’ then please let us know and we’ll be happy to send you a uniquely-damaged edition.))

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