…And this then segues into what we call the “Tyranny of the Like Button”: the growing expectation that, not only should all music – all everything – be ‘Free’ (since it has zero ‘value’, right?), but its acquisition should also involve the absolute minimum effort or fuss. Anything more than a 1cm flex of the digitus secundus manus is, like, chewing into my Slack Time, dude.

But let’s not stop there: let’s invent a thing called Social Commerce and get these dumb suckers to act as their own unpaid global focus-group: wait!…I know: let’s assign a new type of ‘value’ to digital object-artifacts and allow the punters measure it using some sort of gestural group-voting mechanism that’s as effort-unimpared as the button they used to download the crap they listen to: Likes, Favourites, Kudos, Reposts, G-pluses, *Grins*.

Let’s pretend to democratise the digital landscape while simultaneously mining it for monetisable personal information. We can turn taste into a meta-commodity. Win!



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