What’s interesting here is how ‘liking’ something through a minimal, 1cm flex, single-push transaction can lead to a form of psychorepetitive bondage. (Can’t help thinking here of those poor laboratory monkeys with the tops of their heads cut away, brains exposed and electrodes stuck in them. A button wired into a human test-subject’s pleasure-centres that keeps getting pressed. Over and over again. “…a commodity designed to invoke neuro-addictive physical and mental engagement…”)

Still, whether you’re an edgy, twennysomething laptop-grazer or a Punk-enabled digital-media-refusnik, whether you agree / disagree with either side of the physi / digi divide on political, aesthetic or whatever terms, whether you love the AppleGoogleFacebookPlex and just can’t live without ‘em or not, there is one undeniable fact that just cannot be circumnavigated:

Downloads are fucking boring.

Even if you dress them up in a cod-piece and / or a push-up bra, there’s no way to make them even faintly interesting, let alone sexy. You press a button and they appear. It’s the worst kind of un-magic. The kindest thing you could probably say about downloads is “they’re convenient”. You don’t have to leave the house, the room, your chair. They’re there. Or rather, they’re not.

There’s no engagement, no effort, no mystery, no allure. But, you know, maybe you don’t want that. Maybe you wanna keep on pushing that button. Fine.

But maybe we don’t.


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