Electronic Music at the Vortex

July 8th at The Vortex

The first in an occasional series of live events exploring the depth and breadth of contemporary electronic music.


mugwump & Pearlson
DJ, film and motion.

Hacker Farm
“A celebration of the home-made, the salvaged and the hand-soldered. DIY electronics performed on obsolete tech and discarded, post-consumerist debris.” Kek-W and Farmer Glitch bring the most extraordinary noise – junk-shop shamanics and the sound of UK collapse – something like a hell-bound Carlos Castaneda marooned in a post-apocalyptic shopping centre built by a punk Kafka. Their debut album Poundland is an abstract and incendiary monolith that stands amongst the finest of this year. Check a truly outstanding exotic pylon radio session here. Kek-W can be found here and Farmer Glitch here and here (as part of the Thrifty Vinyl collective)

Barry Lynn’s Boxcutter project is one of the jewels in Planet Mu’s crown. Over four albums, the Northern Irish producer has drifted in to a strange post-dubstep twilight with new album The Dissolve drawing heavily from soul and funk and reconfiguring these in to gorgeous contemporary crystalline shapes. We are honoured then to present Barry debuting an experimental live project based around guitar, pedals and laptop.  We don’t know what to expect then other than that characteristic innovation and genre-defying fluidity that make Boxcutter one of the stars of contemporary electronic music.

Altered Natives
Broken House? OBLITERATED more like. Danny Native’s runs the gamut from funky to almost hyper-isolationist. Last year he threw down two huge gauntlets – Tenement Yard Vol. 1 and Serial Vendetta both of which tore in to current trends with ferocious hardcore glee. Heavy, frantic manic and drifting Altered Natives are entirely unpredictable – his new label compilation has just hit the shelves and we there’s a second volume of Tenement Yard heat-seeking your neighbourhood imminently.


Tickets £10 from here

or call

The Vortex on 02072544097

between 12 & 6 daily


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